General conditions of Hof van Eersel

We kindly welcome you to Hof van Eersel!

We request you to thoroughly read these general conditions:

1. General:

1.1 These general conditions apply to all guests of Hof van Eersel – Boksheide 22 5521 PM Eersel, the Netherlands
1.2 The word “guest(s)” in these conditions can be replaced by “tenant(s) or “user(s).
1.3 Pink van Veen and Piet Verbraak are the managers/owners of B&B Hof van Eersel. The owners/managers can be replaced. The word “manager(s)” in these conditions can be replaced by “owner(s)”.
1.4 These general conditions come into effect when entering into a rental agreement.
1.5 Guests must have a permanent place of residence.
1.6 Guests must follow the instructions of the managers.
1.7 The managers can deny and/or refuse guests access to Hof van Eersel in the event of a violation of the general terms and conditions and/or the house rules or in the event of inappropriate behaviour, without further notice, without reasons given and without reimbursement of accommodation costs.
1.8 The records of the managers is decisive in the event of a mutual disagreement unless guests can prove the contrary.
1.9 Guests of Hof van Eersel must comply with the rules they have received upon reservation and that are available in the B&B as well.

2. Rates:

2.1 Rates are inclusive of gas, water, electricity and heating, VAT and tourist tax.
2.2 Rates are exclusive of the costs of a cancellation- and travel insurance.
2.3 Rates of the B&B are subject to price changes.
2.4 Indications of prices and rates are subject to manifest errors.

3. Reservation and confirmation:

3.1 The rental agreement can be entered into verbally, by telephone, in writing or by e-mail.
3.2 Upon receipt of your reservation request Hof van Eersel will send you a confirmation (if rooms are available). Only then your reservation will be definitive.
3.3 No extra reservation costs will be charged for booking a stay in Hof van Eersel.

4. Payment:

4.1 The accommodation costs must be transferred no later than two weeks before arrival.
4.2 If you book less than two weeks before arrival, the accommodation costs must be transferred to us by return.
4.3 The costs must be transferred to bank account number: NL40RABO0104258233 in the name of Hof van Eersel in Eersel mentioning the invoice number.
4.4 Other costs, for example for drinks/candy/snacks must be paid at arrival (cash payment). You will find the costs on a list in your cottage, and in the dining room of the B&B.
4.5 If you visit us and intend to stay that same night, you will receive your invoice on location and can pay in cash.

5. Cancellation:

5.1 In the unlikely event that you are unable to comply with the rental agreement, you must inform the managers as soon as possible, enabling them to rent your B&B room(s) to third parties.
5.2 In case of cancellation the guest/guests pays/pay a fee to the manager. It consist of:
5.2.1 For cancellation less than four weeks and more than twee weeks before arrival: 50% of the rent.
5.2.2 For cancellation less than fourteen days but more than 1 day before arrival: 75% of the rent.
5.2.3. For cancellation on the day of arrival or one day earlier: 100%.
5.3 To be eligible for a refund of the amount already paid (if applicable) the cancellation must be done in writing:

6. Liability:

6.1 All risks related to a stay in Hof van Eersel are for the account of the guests.
6.2 We can’t be held liable for personal injuries that result from a stay in the B&B.
6.3 Damages and loss of movable and immovable property of the managers must be immediately reported and reimbursed by the guests.
6.4 The managers are not liable for damage, loss or theft of the properties of their guests. In the event of a dispute, all (legal) costs are at the account of the guests
6.5 In the event of loss of keys of the B&B, all costs resulting from it will be charged to the guest(s).